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Today the Middle East is a troubled part of the world. Racism is a way of life. Hatred and distrust are everywhere. Even when a peace accord is agreed upon, it is soon broken or ignored.

Yes, peace seems impossible in the Middle East.  Yet, we believe God has called us to be "peacemakers" in this troubled part of the world.

Showing the love of Jesus to the peoples of the Middle East

Middle East Ministries began in 1995, when a group of missionaries to the Jewish people was led by God to bring His message of reconciliation to all of the children of Abraham Arab as well as Jew.

The staff of Middle East Ministries serves as an arm of the church to show God's love through relief, bridge-building, and sharing the Good News of Jesus.

The people of the Middle East have a long history of anger, hurt, fear and frustration. We believe that God is calling the church to be that instrument of healing which brings all of the children of Abraham to Himself and to one another.

Middle East Ministries affirms these core values to be the heart of its ministry:

1. All children of Abraham are loved by God and are important to Him. Therefore the children of Abraham should be loved and considered important by the church.

2. Ministry comes from the heart of God and must be true to the Bible while being culturally relevant. Therefore, we must be ministry driven.

3. The Lord Jesus' command to love unconditionally must permeate and define every aspect of a believer's and mission's life.

4 Racism, oppression, ignorance and poverty separate the children of Abraham. Only the gospel of the Lord Jesus lived in deeds and spoken in words is the remedy for this evil.

5. Authentic believers in the Lord Jesus demonstrate continuous, creative spiritual growth.

6. The ministry of God's church is incomplete unless it also serves the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the children of Abraham.

7. Excellence in personal life and public ministry honors the Lord Jesus and inspires others.

8. The recognition of, respect for and evaluation of the distinct gifts and assignments given by the Holy Spirit to individuals is necessary to the ordering of our mission. The appropriate celebration of this diversity affirms our leaders and unifies our staff.

9. Oneness in spirit, accountability in leadership and ethical accounting principals in all financial matters honor the Lord Jesus.

10. Accountability to the Lord Jesus requires us to cooperate with and encourage all whose ministry is compatible to the assignment He gave us.

What we are doing

MERO PROJECTS (Making Everyday Realities Opportunities)
          Children's Clothing
          Helping The Needy

For many in the Middle East, one reality of life is the lack of everyday necessities, such as food and clothing. MERO projects provide a tangible way to show the love of Jesus through relief and social service projects. We work through established ministries already in place in the Middle East to provide this help.

CHILDREN'S CLOTHING (Preventing Abortion)

Today, many Jewish and Palestinian children are in need of clothing. Life is not easy in the Middle East. Many families are struggling to make ends meet. Where do these families turn for help? For many single mothers and impoverished families abortion seems to be the only answer.

Presently, Israel is suffering from its own internal holocaust. Today, one out of every three pregnancies is aborted. The reasons are many, but all too often the real reason is the extra financial burden a child would be on the family.

Middle East Ministries believes God has called us to help prevent abortions by providing these needy families with clothing for the children. Over the past several years we have sent thousands of pieces of clothing to Israel. As one of our partners said, "You have saved many babies lives because of your help."

"This is pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father, to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world." James 1:27

Yes, many Jewish and Palestinian children are in need of clothing. Now you can help these needy children by giving a gift of clothing through Middle East Ministries.

All you need to do is gather up the clothing for ages 0-12 you or others are no longer using and send them to us at Middle East Ministries. Yard sales are an excellent source as well. Also, thrift shops, consignment shops, and crisis pregnancy centers often give their excess children's clothing for charity.

Important Instructions

1. Please send only clothing in excellent condition. Remember, what you give will be a testimony of Jesus.

2. PLEASE! No shoes, blankets or bedding.

3. The clothing should fit children ages 0-12 years.

4. Send the clothing Parcel Post to:

                 Middle East Ministries  
                 PO Box 340  
                 Marshall, VA 20116

Additional Note: It costs us approximately $1 per pound to ship the clothing to Israel. If you can help us with this cost, it would be greatly appreciated.

We at Middle East Ministries thank you for your help. If you have any questions you may contact our distribution center either by:
                         To e-mail: click here
                         Phone: 540-364-1103
                         Fax: 540-364-1509



The father of a Palestinian family in Bethlehem has been out of work for months because his permit to work in Jerusalem has been revoked. A Christian Lebanese family has just entered Israel with only the clothes on their backs escaping possible death at the hands of extremists in their homeland. A single women discovers she is pregnant. She has no place to live as her parents have disowned her and she is unemployed.

Middle East Ministries has provided funds to help these needy people. Regularly we receive requests to help needy folks in Israel and the West Bank.

You can help us show the love of Jesus to these needy people.

"Yes, I want to help."


Through our educational programs Middle East Ministries provides speakers, literature and other resources to help the church understand God's concern for the peoples of the Middle East. We believe as Christians understand the heritage of our faith and the prophetic future of the Middle East, they will be moved to help and truly engage with the people in that part of the world. The staff of Middle East Ministries is available to bring special messages on prophecy and the Jewish roots of our faith.

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Our ultimate desire is to show that Jesus is the Promised Messiah and that He has provided the way whereby mankind can be reconciled to God and to each other. We also want to support those ministries which truly desire to share this Good News among all peoples in the Middle East.

"Yes, I want to be involved."